As members of St. Joseph Catholic Church, we believe catechesis is a collaborative effort between the family and the parish community. Our program strengthens parent efforts in teaching the Catholic faith; it does not replace it. Individuals with special needs and their families are welcome and encouraged to participate.
2019-2020 School Year:  Due to the construction planned to start sometime soon and the unavailability of Corrigan Hall for classroom space during the next school year, we took the opportunity to look at the best portions of our current faith formation program and re-envision it to further build up families and our parish community to be missionary disciples, as encouraged and challenged by Archbishop Lori and Pope Francis.  To that end, we will be moving from weekly children’s sessions in a classroom to a family faith formation model, a combination of at-home weekly faith discussion and a monthly community gathering with optional additional activities throughout the year.  The new model will still be lectionary-based using the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies.  We will also still offer the RCL Benziger Family Life lessons as directed by the archdiocese.
Registration form is now available!
Please refer to the information sheet for session dates and policy.  Forms can be downloaded, completed and mailed to the parish office or can be opened and filled using the Fillable PDF Form, saving the document to your desktop, and then emailing it to  Payment can be made by cash or check (made payable and mailed to St. Joseph Church) or by using Online Giving (visit and use
Fund=Faith Formation Fee).
For information about our re-envisioned approach, please read and view below!


On February 26, 2019 a meeting was held to communicate this re-imagined ministry to the parish.  If you were not present at the meeting, we encourage you to view the videos below in order to get a compete picture of the rationale for and structure of the new model.  Additional  information and feedback is presented at the end of this page.  Any questions regarding the program or how you can be involved in readying this ministry for our September 2019 launch can be directed to Michele Dougherty, Director or Carolynn Abbott, Assistant for Faith Formation.
Intro – Carolynn Abbott, Assistant for Faith Formation
The Challenge – Fr. Jim Kiesel, Pastor
Family Faith Formation -Video by John Roberto, Expert in Inter-generational Faith Formation
It’s Exciting – Brian Ten Eyck, Parent
Wanting the Most for our Parish – Michele Dougherty, Director, Student & Young Adult Ministries
What a Family Faith Formation Ministry will Look Like – Mosina Ochs, Parent
We Can Do This Together – Linda Mierzeski, Catechist
Concluding Comments – Michele Dougherty, Director


Some anticipated questions are addressed in the FAQ document below.  Please do not hesitate to contact Carolynn Abbott at if you have any questions that aren’t addressed in the FAQ.


A form was handed out at the meeting to gather parents’ and catechists’ thoughts from the presentation.  You are invited to do the same using the Google form link below.

FF Task Group Meeting Participants

Carolynn Abbott        Staff: Assistant for Faith Formation
Rachael Black           Catechist & Parent
Michele Dougherty   Staff: Director Student & Young Adult Ministries
Francene Engel         Parent
Fred Gentile              Catechist & Parent
Fr. Jim Kiesel             Pastor
Linda Mierzeski         Catechist
Mosina Ochs              Parent & Past Catechist
Theresa Quigley        Parent
Brian Ten Eyck           Parent