Engaging the Catholic imagination through the visual arts, poetry, and music!
Welcome to Lent 2023: Artful Devotions, an aesthetically guided meditation for the season of Lent, focusing on Christ’s life, death, and resurrection. The season of Lent invites us into a sacred space of repentance and contemplation. Lent is a liturgical season in which we walk the road to Calvary with Christ. This is a time to be contrite of heart, humbling ourselves before God and others, and to revive our endeavor to live like Jesus as healers in our relationships, our work, and our nation. It is also a time to recall ourselves to lives of evangelism and discipleship, what the cross calls us to do. 
Lent can be a beautiful, reflective time for us to quiet our hearts, anticipate Christ’s sacrifice for us, and embrace the hope that his death and resurrection represent. It’s a time of self-examination, prayer and simple living, pondering life in this valley of tears while also envisioning the new, vibrant life Christ offers which empowers us to be repairers of the breach. We do this out of gratitude for the greatest breach that has been repaired in us, the sin from which we have been forgiven by God’s grace in Christ. 
Each day during Lent, one of four scripture texts from the Revised Common Lectionary will be selected and will be paired with a piece of art, a musical selection, and a poem that resonates with the scripture reading. May you enjoy, share, and be edified by this resource as we collectively reflect on the suffering and triumph of our Savior, Jesus Christ, the King.