St. Joseph Odenton Catholic Church
Our Ministries

Our ministries are an important and integral part of our church community, fulfilling our mission "to be a beacon of God’s Love and Hope in service to all people."

If you are already part of a ministry, you can access the schedule here: Ministry Scheduling Login.

If you are a ministry leader and need to request use of St. Joseph facilities for an event, please donwload and return a Facility Reservation Form.

If you are not currently participating in a ministry,we invite you to read about our ministries by clicking on a title below. Please consider becoming an active member of our church family. Whether you are a student, single or married there is a ministry designed for you.

To view a printable list of ministries and contacts, please Click Here. For more information about a ministry, click on the ministry name below.

Altar Servers * Children's Liturgy * Environment * Eucharistic Ministers * Hospitality * Lectors * Mass Coordinators * Music * Ushers & Greeters * Worship Council

Discipleship / Formation
Adult Education * Wed. Evening Cafe * Men's Ministry * Share the Word *
Our Lady's Sodality * Craft Group * Young Adult Ministry * High School Youth Ministry *
Middle School Youth Ministry * K-8 Faith Formation

Christian Initiation (RCIA/RCIC) * Marriage * Infant Baptism *
First Reconciliation & Eucharist * Confirmation

Finance and Development
Finance Council * Capital Campaign * Collection Stewards * Weekly Bingo *
Facilities Committee * Newsletter * Parish Pastoral Council

Sick and Bereavement * Outreach beyond our Parish

Other Organizations
Boy Scouts * Venture Crew * Knights of Columbus

Altar Servers

Altar servers help lead the assembly while assisting the Presider and other ministers during liturgy. Any member of the faithful who has received First Eucharist and is in 4th grade or older may train for this ministry. If interested, contact Sue Molchan.
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Children's Liturgy of the Word (CLoW)

CLoW provides children ages 4 through 10 the opportunity to celebrate liturgy where the Word of God is proclaimed and explained at their level of understanding. The CLoW leaders proclaim the Word to the gathered children, using the Lectionary for Masses with Children, and offer a brief interactive reflection. If interested, please e-mail Jennifer Gardiner.
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Environment decorates our worship space for the various seasons of the year. If interested, please email Marnea Shamblen or call Marnea at 410-721-5470.
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Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

The Priest is the Ordinary Minister of the Eucharist. Extraordinary Ministers assist in the distribution of Holy Communion during Mass. EMs Must be fully initiated and 16 years of age or older. For more information, contact Julie Ayers, Mary Durig, or Jon Yuan.
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Hospitality provides a friendly, welcoming face and serves food and drinks at special celebrations and scheduled "Hospitality Sundays." If you are interested in serving in this ministry, please contact Maria Sasso.
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Lectors give voice to the word of God in our liturgies. Those with a love of scripture and the ability to proclaim it publicly are invited to train for this ministry. Must be fully initiated and 16 years of age or older. To inquire about being a lector, please contact Andy Caufield.
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Mass Coordinators

Mass Coordinators assist the Sacristan by overseeing the various ministries and activities that take place during each Mass. If interested, contact Chris Mulry.
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Music is an essential part of offering the finest praise we can to our God. Open to all with musical ability: those who like to sing, play instruments, or are able to assist with set-up and break down of equipment or other support activities. For more information, contact: Katie Jenkins, Music Director
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Greeters and Ushers

Greeters and Ushers assist in welcoming people as they come to Mass, distribute bulletins, direct people to come forward to receive communion, and take up the collections. If you are interested, please contact Steve Dustin.
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Worship Council

The Worship Council convenes all the ministry heads of our liturgical ministries (EM's, music, environment, etc.) to discuss and plan our services and Masses during the liturgical seasons. For more information, please contact the Council Chair, Robin Sexton.
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Adult Education

As a community of faith, we are committed to providing opportunities for adults to gather together, either in large or small groups, to share prayer, reflection, conversation, spiritual development, and fellowship. Opportunities for adult education may include bible studies on various topics, women's prayer breakfasts, days of reflection, and cluster events with our neighboring parishes. Please check the bulletin or the “Events” section of the website to see the current offerings.
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Wednesday Evening Cafe

Our Café is open each Monday from 6:30 to 7:30 pm in the Lounge while the children are attending Faith Formation classes in Corrigan Hall. Each week, we have refreshments and have a discussion or social. To see the list of topics for each week, please download the Café Menu. For more information, please contact Nicole Wenz.
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Men's Ministry

Our Men's Men's Ministry is a place for all men 18 and older to meet and build community where they can belong to a group of Christian men with similar beliefs and bear witness to the grace and mercy of God. We currently meet for fellowship and reflection on the Sunday readings at Panera Bread Waugh Chapel on EVERY Thursday and Saturday. We meet occasionally for drinks and fellowship at Frisco Tap House in Crofton and also participate in annual men's conferences and retreats. We are very open to new ideas and ways to connect.

Thursday Morning Men's Group
Meets EVERY Thursday 6-7 am at Panera Bread Waugh Chapel
For more info contact Rob Miller

Saturday Morning Men's Group
Meets EVERY Saturday 8-9am at Panera Bread Waugh Chapel
For more info contact Tom Chervenak

That Man is You
Meets Tuesday's at Our Lady of the Fields
For more info contact Jerry Rattenbury

3 Day Men's Retreat
Held every fall and spring at Bon Secours Retreat House in Marriottsville, MD.
For more info contact Rob Miller

Annual Men's Conference
2017 Catholic Men’s Fellowship of Maryland’s Annual Conference, with guest speaker, Scott Hahn
More Information Coming Soon!

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Share the Word

The Share the Word group gathers on Fridays to examine the Mass readings for the upcoming weekend. Bring your Bibles, bring your questions, and bring your answers. Bring your love of Sacred Scripture! Share the Word meets on Friday mornings at 10:00 am in the Lounge at the Parish Office. For more information, please contact Adriane Irving at 410-903-0376.
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Craft Group

The craft group meets every Tuesday from 9:30 AM to Noon in Corrigan Hall. The group provides an opportunity for community bonding and sharing as well as opportunities to raise funds for other parish ministries. For more information, contact Denise Maxwell.
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Our Lady's Sodality

A valuable ministry to our parish and to the community by cleaning the sancutary and doing a great variety of community outreach services. All ladies are welcome to join. For more information, please contact Lucille "Lou" Wilson.
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Young Adults Ministry

All young adults (age 18-35) are encouraged to check the “Young Adults” page of the website for upcoming activities and to join the Young Adult group on Facebook. Be sure to let us know what activities and events you want to grow spiritually and in community here at St. Joseph parish! For more information, please contact Michele Dougherty
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High School Youth Ministry

Our total youth ministry approach provides a mix of catechetical, prayer, social, and outreach opportunities for the high school youth of our parish. Adult ministers provide instruction and direction by the example of living the Gospel and fostering an atmosphere for participation which allows youth to live lives of active service. The Archdiocese requires that all youth ministers be at least 18 years of age and be fully initiated, practicing Catholics. Click here to learn more about High School Youth Ministry. If interested in serving as a youth minister, please email Michele Dougherty.
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Middle School Youth Ministry

Our Middle School Youth Ministry offers opportunities throughout the year for youth in Grades 6-8 to meet other middle schoolers, get involved in outreach, and have fun in a safe and spiritually enriched environment. Click here to learn more about Middle School Youth Ministry. If interested in serving as an adult leader or chaperone, please email Michele Dougherty.
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Children's Faith Formation

The Faith Formation ministry provides children in Grades K-8 not attending a Catholic school an opportunity to grow in their understanding and experience of faith. Faith Formation catechists proclaim Christ's message, develop community, lead people to worship and prayer, and motivate them to serve others. The Archdiocese requires that all catechists be at least 18 years of age and be fully initiated, practicing Catholics. Those under age 18 may assist. The parish also puts on a one-week Vacation Bible School (VBS) during the summer for ages 4-10. Click here to learn more about Children's Faith Formation and VBS. If interested in serving as a Faith Formation catechist or assisting with VBS, please email Michele Dougherty.
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The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) and its adaptation for Children (RCIC) offer a dynamic approach to learning the foundational beliefs of Christianity in the Catholic Tradition. RCIA/RCIC is for the non-baptized (and baptized in another Christian tradition) at the age of reason (age 7 and older)who want to learn more about the Catholic faith and contemplate being in full communion with the Church. RCIA team members and RCIC catechists gather with candidates and sponsors to explore questions about Catholicism, their personal faith, and to pray and learn together. The Archdiocese requires that all catechists working with children be at least 18 years of age and be fully initiated, practicing Catholics.Click here to learn more about the RCIA process. If interested in serving on the RCIA or RCIC team or being a sponsor, please email Jeff Dougherty or contact the parish office.
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Marriage Preparation

Marriage Preparation couples meet, in their own home, with an engaged couple. They agree to gather together for several sessions (usually five) to develop the engaged couple's understanding of Christian Marriage and increase their awareness of each other's values and attitudes. For more information, contact Chuck & Cathy Klingler.
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Baptism Preparation

Couples participating in this ministry help advise and assist parents and godparents who are preparing for the sacrament of baptism for their child under the age of 7. (Children age 7 and older are prepared for the sacrament under the RCIC program.) For more information, contact Fr. Jim Kiesel or contact the parish office at 410-674-9238.
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Reconciliation and Eucharist Preparation

These catechists assist parents in preparing their children (usually in Grades 2 or 3)for receiving their First Reconciliation and First Communion. The Archdiocese requires that all catechists be at least 18 years of age and be fully initiated, practicing Catholics. Click here to learn more about the preparation process. If interested in serving as a catechist, please email Michele Dougherty.
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Confirmation Preparation

This team of catechists assist high school teens in completing their initiation into the Catholic Church through the Sacrament of Confirmation. Catechists interact with sponsors and parents during the process. The Archdiocese requires that all catechists be at least 18 years of age and fully imitated, practicing Catholics. Click here to learn more about the Confirmation preparation process. If interested in serving on the Confirmation team, please contact Michele Dougherty.
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Finance Council

The Finance Committee works with the Pastor and the parish Business Manager in seeing to the financial needs and obligations of the parish. Persons with a finance or accounting background are preferred. The committee is appointed by the Pastor. If interested, please contact Jackie Lewis.
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Capital Campaign

The committee for the Capital Campaign oversees the planning, communication and execution of parish campaigns, including the Archdiocese campaigns and parish development/building campaigns. For additional information, please contact Chuck Klingler.
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Collection Stewards

Collection stewards are responsible for the counting and recording of the weekly collection. If you are interested, please contact Debra Harris.
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Weekly Bingo

An important constant for our parish fiances, these ministers ensure the success of the weekly Wednesday night Bingo in Corrigan Hall. For more information, please contact:
Diane Aragon - Bingo Coordinator
Gail Parker - Bingo Kitchen
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Facilities Committee

This group assists the Facilities Administrator with building and grounds cleanup and maintenance. For more information, please contact Sam Maruca.
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Parish Newsletter

This ministry provides information about parish activities and status to the community on a quarterly basis. To assist with writing, editing, and assembling the newsletter, please contact Marge McGugan.
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Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative advisory group of parishioners that supports the pastor. For more information of the PPC and its members, please visit the PPC Webpage.
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Sick and Bereavement Ministry

Our busy Sick & Bereavement Ministry is expanding! Every St. Joseph parishioner can take part: from visiting the sick or home-bound to serving meals at funeral luncheons, knitting prayers shawls for the sick, or simply praying for others. Please consider sharing your gifts with your fellow parishioners in their time of need.

General Sick & Bereavement Ministry Questions can be directed to Kathy Rattenbury at 410-672-5485. Please contact the ministers noted below for more information or to join a particular ministry:

Bernadette Ministry – Provides short-term support to children and adults with serious illness or an upcoming surgery.
  • Visitation Ministers – Contact: Betsy Von Hagen at 410-451-5302. Ministers:
    • Contact patient/family to discuss wants & needs;
    • Make in-person visit if appropriate;
    • Deliver prayer shawl/blanket, rosary, prayer cards, etc.; and
    • Relay any additional needs to other ministers as needed such as Prayer Chain, Loaves & Fishes, etc.
  • Crafters - To help craft any of the items provided by the Bernadette Ministry, please contact:
Home-bound Ministry – Contact: Sr. Angela Case at 410-674-9238.
Ministers and Eucharistic Ministers provide support to home-bound parishioners on a regular basis with extended illnesses including: visiting the parishioner, providing communion via Eucharistic Ministers, and providing a supportive presence.

Funeral Reception Ministry - Contact: Pixie Brings at 410-672-6691.
Provide lunch receptions following funeral services at St. Joseph parish. Ministers can choose one, some or all of these duties and participate as they are available: set-up and decorate, prepare meals, serve, and/or clean-up. No regular or long-term commitment required.

Nurses Ministry – Contact: Karen Zajdek at 410-551-9490.
Healthcare professionals are needed for monthly blood pressure screenings, quarterly blood drives, and our annual Health Fair in mid-September.

Fishes & Loaves - Contact: Diane Smith at 410-987-0566.
Provide meals for families in crisis and those recovering from surgery, etc. and relay any additional needs of the family to other ministers.

Prayer Ministry – Participate in an online "kneemail" prayer chain for those persons requesting prayers. Please email to be added to the prayer chain list and to be altered to pray for others.

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Outreach allows the parish community to provide its time, treasure, and talent in assisting our brothers and sisters who face challenges as a result of economic and social conditions. Through our actions, advocacy, and prayer we seek to improve their lives and remove the barriers that prevent equality and justice in our society. The following are some of the specific programs that this ministry sponsors.
  • Haiti Sister Parish: We have promised our prayers and financial assistance to St. Peter of Poteau in the Diocese of Gonaives, Haiti. Our gifts allow that parish to provide food to 300+ children ever school day and to supplement the teachers' salaries, thus attracting the best available educators. We also help with special projects such as the parish/school library, building additional school rooms, and drilling a well. For more information, please contact Michelle Hanko or Chip Yorkgitis. Please check out "Haiti Sister-Parish" page for more information about the ministry.

  • Sarah's House (Ft. Meade) - Various groups and individuals from St. Joseph help provide meals to the residents of Sarah's House. For more information, please contact Dave Page

  • Arundel House of Hope - Winter Relief - In association with Arundel House of Hope, and in cooperation with many churches in the county, we also provide a winter shelter for 30 homeless men for one week. Parishioners provide many services, including setting up and taking down the shelter's facilities, making and serving meals, doing the clients' laundry, socializing with the clients and providing chaperone services. For more information, please contact Cathy Klingler

  • Linda's Legacy - Giving Back - A Christmas collection for families in need is done annually in partnership with Linda's Legacy-Giving Back. For more information, please contact Jeff Cullen

  • Our Daily Bread: This ministry collects casseroles prepared by our parishioners in their own homes. The casseroles are then delivered (frozen) to "Our Daily Bread" a Catholic Charities facility in Baltimore which serves 250,000 hot meals each year to homeless and needy persons. Our monthly goal is 150+ casseroles. For more information, please contact Abiola Akin-Ajayi.

  • Christian Assistance Program: Volunteers from twelve (or more) Christian churches in Severn, Odenton, and Gambrills operate a Food Pantry and Clothes Closet two days a week, providing free food and clothing to qualified clients. CAP also provides 175 families with food for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. St. Joseph has hosted these latter two activities for several years. Financial Assistance is provided on Thursday mornings from 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM. For more information, please contact Andy Del Collo.

  • Support to Service Men and Women: Each year parishioners purchase items and prepare "care packages" at Christmas and Easter to send to men and women serving in the Iraq and Afghanistan Theater of Operations. The funds come from a one-time request to the entire parish. For more information, please contact Linda Mierzeski.

  • Poor Box Disbursement: Locally we provide financial assistance to qualified neighbors from Severn, Odenton and Gambrills toward their utility bills, rent/evictions and medical prescriptions. Beyond our local boundaries we provide assistance to a variety of wonderful activities such as The Shepherd's Clinic in Baltimore, The Dove Center in Cumberland, Mary's Center in Glen Burnie, the Appalachian Development Corporation in Tennessee, and St Vincent de Paul of Baltimore Empty Bowls project.

  • International Outreach: Quarterly contributions of money during our second collection are made to international organizations.

  • Advent Outreach: Collection of clothing and Christmas toys for needy families through the Christ Child Society.

  • Lenten Outreach: Almsgiving to Operation Rice Bowl/Catholic Relief Services.
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Boy Scouts

Scout Pack 127 is a Pack chartered by St. Joseph, Odenton. The pack meets Tuesday's nights at 7 pm at the School of the Incarnation. The pack is led by 40 trained and motivated adult volunteers. The program focuses on character development, outdoor activities, and growth of the 1st through 5th graders in the Pack. For more information, please visit their website at
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Venture Crew Scouts

Crew 3141 is a Co-ed Venture Crew chartered by St. Joseph, Odenton. The crew meets Sundays at 4:45 pm in the youth center. The crew is youth led and focuses on leadership development, outdoor activities, and having fun. The crew has sent members on a Scout Exchange to Japan, attendees to the 2013 National Jamboree, and completed a 115 mile ,11-day hike at Philmont Scout Reservation in New Mexico. Closer to home we raft, hike the Appalachian Trail, and serve the local community. For more information, please contact Will Sandoval at 443-223-8437.
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Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus is fraternal benefit society founded in 1882. The Order is still true to its founding principles of charity, unity and fraternity. The Knights was formed to render financial aid to members and their families. Mutual aid and assistance are offered to sick, disabled and needy members and their families. Social and intellectual fellowship is promoted among members and their families through educational, charitable, religious, social welfare, war relief and public relief works.

Our local Council is Archbishop Francis P. Keough Council #5263. Meetings are held at 1381 Becknel Avenue, Odenton. For more information, please visit the Council website by Clicking Here.
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